This page provides information to fulfil the requirements of Annex H of the Model Financial Memorandum between 该 Office for 学生们 (formerly HEFCE) and institutions (July 2010/19). 这个 information will be updated no later than six months after the end of the previous academic year.

Full legal name of company

University of 朴茨茅斯 Higher Education Corporation

University of 朴茨茅斯 registered address

Winston Churchill Avenue


University of Portsmouth and 朴茨茅斯 University (Board 4 October 2006 Min 8.5)


该 University of 朴茨茅斯 is an exempt charity.

An exempt charity is an institution established in England and Wales for charitable purposes which is exempt from registration with, and direct regulation by, the Charity Commission for England and Wales. As such, it does not have a charity number or registered business number.

该 Office for 学生们 (OfS) is the principal regulator for universities in England that are exempt charities.

Constitutional documents of the University of 朴茨茅斯

Instrument of 走vernment sets out the constitution for, the officers, and the role of the Board of 走vernors.

用品 set out the rules for the conduct of the University, procedures for the Board of 走vernors and Academic Council, the appointment of senior officers of the University and other matters.

受托人 of the University of 朴茨茅斯

这个 名单 受托人 includes any additional responsibilities that 受托人 hold outside of the University.

Full audited financial statements

大学的全 audited financial statements or published accounts 在网上呈现。

Annual Report of the Remuneration Committees

Annual Report of the Renumeration Committee 2019

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