Scholarship and support fund for Black students

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支持黑人学生 to succeed and thrive

捐 to provide equal opportunities to Black students

The murder of George Floyd in the United States has catapulted the need for change across the world. The University stands firm with our 学生会 and the wider University community in a call for collective changes in society to eradicate all forms of racism.

If even one black person anywhere is treated differently because of the colour of their skin, it is sickening and enraging. We are all obliged across all our communities, to stand firm with those so woefully treated.

As a University, I am painfully aware that we must also do much more to ensure that in all that we do we provide equality of opportunity and success for all our students and those we work with. 

By launching our Scholarship and Support Fund for Black 学生们, we hope we can accelerate this change and begin to make a difference for our students.

Myself and all members of the 大学执行委员会 wish to demonstrate our commitment by making a personal donation to this fund. 

– 教授格雷厄姆·加尔布雷思 Vice-Chancellor of the 要玩就玩最好的官网

捐 to the Scholarship and Support Fund for Black 学生们 today


Our university community is wonderfully diverse and we’re proud to be home for students from over 150 countries. 25% of these students are Black, Asian and minority ethnic. We know there is an attainment gap, in particular for our Black students. This is a common issue in English universities. The 原因很复杂 and often include structural inequality within universities as well as in society as a whole.

We already have extensive support mechanisms and improvement plans in place through our 进入和参与计划 (pdf). And we’re working to remove the attainment gap by ensuring our students feel supported and valued in every way. But we want to do more. We want to be able to provide our Black students the same opportunities as everyone else.

Every single student with ambition and ability deserves the best chance to succeed and thrive. We have set up the Scholarship and Support Fund for Black 学生们 to make that a reality. Your donations will help students who face many additional challenges in their day-to-day life just because of the colour of their skin.

The fund will specifically support scholarships to ensure access to learning enrichment opportunities, which otherwise may be out of reach.


  • mentorships
  • 出国留学机会
  • 实习
  • 全球经验

Some 40% of the students who contact our Student Finance Centre requesting financial support, are from Black, Asian and minority ethnicities. Many of these students are from lower income families and are limited in the number of hours they can put in at a part-time job, so they often face genuine hardship.

The Scholarship and Support Fund for Black 学生们 will provide students with additional opportunities and experiences, and help provide equal opportunities, removing at least some of the financial obstacles that stand in their way. 

捐 to the Scholarship and Support Fund for Black 学生们 today

Whether it’s a single contribution or a regular, ongoing donation, we commit to keeping you informed as to how your funds are used and the impact achieved.


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